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Joel Fenelon Joseph

Born and raised in Haiti, Mr. Joel Fenelon Joseph is a successful businessman who currently occupies the position of CEO/Owner of RAMOKANE GENERAL TRADING LLC in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is also a partner in other international companies. Joel Fenelon Joseph was graduated from the University of Caraibe – Haiti in 2004, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has completed studies in Psychology of Poverty.

Joel Fenelon engaged in community services in early age and expressed interest in helping others. His initiatives included supporting the farming community in Santiago de Chile by providing exposure, knowledge, and finance.
Joel Fenelon is in continuous search of opportunities to empower his humanitarian initiatives through international organizations that can provide an international platform and introduce him to global partners.

Business & Finance

Joel Fenelon Joseph is a successful Haitian entrepreneur and investor and the owner of Ramokane General Trading LLC in the United Arab Emirates. He has invested in multiple businesses such as real estate, finance, crypto mining, and hospitality around the world.

Charity & Philanthropy

Joel Fenelon is a keen believer in helping others and giving to the ones in need.

Joel Fenelon has achieved numerous milestones in his professional career, earned a string of recognitions and accolades for his services in different industries, and has built a massive following and fortune. Still, one thing that has received as much attention and praise as his business success is his philanthropic efforts.

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Joel Fenelon in his local community.​
Joel Fenelon Joseph​

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